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Beyond Order - Rule 2

- Imagine who you could be, then aim single mindedly at that -

Here are my key point takeaways from Rule 2

- What is the motivation for a precise aim in life? How do we configure who we could be, if only we could? Here are some takeaways to consider what it means to be " All that you could be " ... Who we could be is made up of what you would love to be, in addition to where you fear to go. This mindset allows us to steer clear of the painful past, while also aiming large for the pursuit of a pleasure filled future.

- Consider the following when creating your idealistic self: Your strengths, your weaknesses, your fears, your motivations.

- Accept the now while scoping an aim for the future


- We all have a potential to fill here on this floating rock in the galaxy. Everyday, we are swayed by the opinions of others, the values of our peers, and the standards of our parents. If only, we could configure who WE would love to be, the person WE would aim to embody, and the role WE would love to step into . . . we will quite literally shift the paradigm of the human race towards greatness, success, and abundance.

Imagine who you could be, then aim single mindedly at THAT!

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