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Beyond Order - Rule 1

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

- Do not carelessly denigrate social institutions or creative achievement -

Here are my key point takeaways from Rule 1

- Social institutions fill a beneficial role in society, they are built upon paradigms. Although they are built upon paradigms which aim to benefit the masses, they also enclose part of ourselves from the potential in which we know we could be.

- One one has mastered the paradigm and taken responsibility for it, it can then be disregarded in pursuit of one's own individualistic values. Simply meaning, there are people who willingly and successfully think and live outside of the box. These people are the pioneers and shapeshifters of modern humanity. It is likely unlikely that these leaders would have the skillset equipped to forego such acts however, without spending years in apprenticeship and close monitoring of the rules in which we all play


- There are paradigms placed within society that provide us with a sense of security, perceived freedom, and conformity within the known. That being said, there is plausible reason to continue living below your potential if you truly know the value in which you provide to your community, family, and global atmosphere.

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